• What they say

    “such sensitive fiddle playing: nothing missing nor any excess”
    — Music journalist Iain Campbell on SeaFall

    “perfectly placed accents… simply entrancing”
    — Reviewer Tim Carroll on Davy Cartwright’s album ‘I Didn’t Get Where I Am Today’

    “made me cry the first 3 times I listened to it. Thank you, you’re a genius and an absolute marvel”
    — Singer-songwriter Davy Cartwright


    Xenia is available as a soloist, session musician or with her bands (below). She has a large repertoire in various musical styles and is an excellent performer whether sight reading or improvising live. She’s based in South Wales and travels around the UK.

    Xenia picked up the violin at an early age. She grew up with classical music and played in numerous orchestras and chamber music groups including the National Youth Orchestra of Wales. She has branched out into other styles, following where her heart takes her.

    Xenia currently plays in:
    *Hot Club Gallois (gypsy jazz)
    *Aderyn String Quartet (classical and light classics)
    *SeaFall (folk-jazz trio)
    *James Clode Band (8-piece contemporary)

    ABRSM disploma in violin performance (aged 18)
    Grade 8 (aged 12)

    To hire Xenia for gigs or recordings please contact her.


    All fiddle parts written and performed by Xenia. If you want violin on your album – wherever you are – please get in touch.

    The Quay


    BarlowCree’s 2011 album ‘Holystone’

    Listen to The Quay

    One Gentle Moment


    Paul R. Duggan, 2013 ITV feature ‘Atlantic Dash’

    Watch One Gentle Moment

    Pumpkin Man

    Rock improvisation

    Davy Cartwright’s 2012 album ‘I didn’t get where I am today’

    Listen to Pumpkin Man

    The Dancer

    Folk harmonies

    Davy Cartwright’s 2012 album ‘I didn’t get where I am today’

    Listen to The Dancer



    SeaFall 2012, unreleased

    Watch Burn


    Xenia is available for

    • ceilidhs and twmpaths – with folk band Mabon or as a session player
    • weddings and functions – with folk-jazz band SeaFall or solo. Solo engagements have varied from church music to jamming with a rock band!
    • orchestras – session player for several groups including Mumbles Symphony Orchestra and Aberystwyth Choral Society
    • celtic folk, country, bluegrass – with folk band Talgarth or as a session player

    Call or email to discuss your requirements.


    Jazz-tinged acoustic trio founded in 2012. Creating gorgeous new songs and original versions of classic covers. First EP was released June 2013. www.seafall.net

    Watch SeaFall


    Guest spot with Demoliendo Tangos (on tour from Argentina). This one is “Peliculas” By Federico Mizrahi

    Watch Tango


    Clips from Matt and Laura’s ceremony: Wedding Fanfare (written by Xenia) and Chi Mai (with backing track)

    Watch Wedding
  • Arrangements

    Beautifully transcribed scores and instrument parts created from audio recordings. Arranged to suit your instrumentation requirements.

    Tango de los Asesinos

    Orchestral score by John Powell from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, arranged for tango quartet Gitango


    String quartet by Quartango, arranged for tango band Gitango.

    View Androgyne

    Tiger Bay Woman

    Folk song by Hank Hillman, transcribed for Hank Hillman

    Listen to Tiger Bay Woman View Tiger Bay Woman

    September Weather

    Folk song by Moira Morgan of SeaFall, transcribed for fun because it’s a great song! Violin, guitar and vocals

    Listen to September Weather View September Weather
  • Original Compositions

    Wedding Fanfare

    For Matt and Laura’s wedding ceremony, June 2013. They liked Purcell’s Trumpet Tune, so this is written in a similar style (with maybe a hint of Bach).

    View Wedding Fanfare

    Cenarth Falls

    For Rumney Folk Club

    Listen to Cenarth Falls View Cenarth Falls
  • Contact Info

    Xenia Porteous
    Based in Cardiff, United Kingdom



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